What's causing my pain after restoration of wisdom tooth # 16?

Hello and thank you. I recently had a restoration redone because a chip in the old one and the doctor placed a direct pulp cap because I assume they hit the pulp. I had experienced a lot of pain usually lasting every other day for half hour after flossing. The restoration is between 16 and 15. Then they placed a desintesizer temporary filling for a few weeks. THen the final filling with direct pulp cap again. Pain starts if cold liquids or eating on that side. It radiates on the lower jaw as well.

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Pulp capping

If your decay was very deep and a direct pulp cap was placed it doesn't guarantee that the tooth won't need a root canal or extraction. A direct pulp cap is an attempt to try to prevent either of these options from happening, but not a guarantee. I would visit with your dentist about how to move forward either removing the tooth or doing a root canal.

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