Steristrips are off, what to do now? Embrace scar therapy Patch? Any cream recommendations?

Hi doctors. My 17 mth old fell and hit a sharp brick. Got 5 stitches on 3/7, 5 days later stitches were removed and got steristrips on 3/12. Strips stayed on for 3 days and fell off on their own. The picture I posted is within a span of 8 days. I'm happy to see it's looking better, but What should I do at this point? I obviously want to minimize scar as much as possible. Do I put Aquaphor on and if so how often? When should I start a cream and if so which kind? Will he need a patch? Thx so much!

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What do I do now?

Thanks for your question! Embrace is best applied around day 10 to 24 and sometimes a little later depending on the wound healing progress. Embrace has a smaller product which is small enough to fit lacerations on the face! Best, Dr. ALDO

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Keep it covered!

In my practice i recommend Embrace Scar Therapy. It will allow your child to play, bathe, swim etc. while helping the scar to heal. It will also help the scar tremendously if you remember to keep it protected with sunscreen even after you are done with Embrace. I hope this helps! 

Ellen A. Janetzke, MD
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Scar management in a child

It would be wrong to comment specifically on scar management recommendations for a patient who is not under my care.  As a matter of generic scar management on post-injury scars on facial injuries on children, if the scar looks good I generally recommend keeping sun off of scars until they have faded to white/skin color.  If someone wants to use what I consider a good scar management product that contains sunblock I usually recommend Biocorneum with SPF 30.  It's used once a day.  

James E. Chappell, MD
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon
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