Will Steriods Help in Treatment of Nasal Callus?

i was hit on my nose 18 months ago strong enough 2 cause a wound which needed sutures yet my nose wasnt broken but i have a bump which my doctor told me it was a callus due to periosteal irritation following this blow, will steriods help ? i need any treatment other than rhinoplasty n one last question ;there will be further decrease or increase in this bump size or not ? thankss a lot

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Correcting a Nose "Bump" caused by Trauma

The only accurate answers to your questions can be given after a full examination of your nose. In the absence of an examination or even a photograph all you can have are a few educated suggestions. Not all blows to the nose cause fractures. You can have damage to the cartilages of the nose. While concentrated injections of corticosteroids MAY thin areas of scar tissue inflammation it will not thin areas of excess bone or cartilage growth. In the vast majority of cases such as yours (commonly seen in contact sports athletes), the lumps / bumps are not correctable with steroid shots but require a rhinoplasty. If still in doubt, get a second opinion from one or more nose surgeons. Dr. Peter Aldea

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