When to Have Sterile Water Injections to Remove Sculptra?

Is there a timeline or window to have sterile water injections to attempt to remove Sculptra? Will it work? I had Sculptra 3 days ago and hate the resulting assymetry and placement of my jawline (see my previous question).

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Flushing Sculptra with sterile water is unheard of

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Because some physicians add more water than others in their Sculptra dilution, you are experiencing a temporary response from that water. The amount of actual Sculptra product in a vial is very very small. The water is the carrier and this is what you see initially. Usually in a few days the injection water is absorbed and you'll think there's nothing there.

It is only over time that the true effect of Sculptra will be seen as the changes are brought on by your own collagen and you will not have had collagen stimulation at this point.

Most Sculptra physicians try to achieve a total facial balance that is similar to the contours you had at a younger age. Just as a sculptor will use additional clay to gently "fade" one facial area into the next, Sculptra can be injected to get that same smooth effect.

The instructed massage will distribute the product evenly so follow those directions.

Most patients have 2 to 3 sessions before they reach the balance that Sculptra provides.

Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lumps and bumps from Sculptra

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I do not feel that injecting sterile water will make your Sculptra go away. In most cases, with proper injection technique, lumps and bumps are avoidable. Re-injecting Sculptra in this area may be helpful in smoothing the contour of this area so the bumps are not perceptible.Massage or steroid injections may help.

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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