Can You Steri Stip or Bond an Opening at the T-junction 4 Weeks Post Breast Lift?

I had a full lift on 07/17/12 and I have a dime sized opening under my left breast. I have headed the advice of my PS and am doing the moist wound care, but it seems to be getting bigger, rather than smaller. I would like to have him put this back together, but is that even a possibility at this point in my recovery? I am changing my dressings a couple of times a day and usually do not have a bra on at night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Wound Healing Problem after Breast Lift?

Incision line opening and or wound healing problems are complications seen occasionally after breast lifting surgery. For the vast majority of patients who experience these types of complications, their wounds go on to heal with dressing changes,  over the course of a few weeks. Occasionally, some patients require  surgical intervention,  such as debridement and/or wound closure.

Most importantly, I would suggest that you  continue to follow up closely with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to evaluate your situation and treat any issues that may prevent rapid wound healing. For example, unhealthy tissue may need to be debrided  and/or exposed sutures may need to be removed to allow for unimpeded wound healing.

Again, generally speaking, the vast majority of patients who experience these types of complications go on to heal without sequelae. Occasionally, scar revision surgery may be necessary in the longer term.
 I hope this helps.

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Can You Steri Stip or Bond an Opening 4 Weeks Post #BreastLift? ANS:

It is not uncommon and it really can't be sewn back together at this point. The tissue is too inflamed and stiff and really does not hold stitches well. The bad news is it may get bigger before it gets smaller... The good news in it usually heals up very nicely (I know it's hard to believe) and is more of a nuisance now but will turn out just fine...

John J. Corey, MD
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Do not try to steri-strip your small wound at the "T". It will not work and may cause problems.

The area you describe and occasionally be problematic because of blood supply and skin tension issues.  Treatment is expectant and involves keeping the area clean.  The would will close by itself.  Most of the time the scar that results looks as good as scars that result from non-problematic closuers.

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Opening at the T-junction 4 Weeks Post Breast Lift

This is not uncommon after breast lift or breast reduction.

Because this area is typically inflamed and contaminated reach suturing it is usually a poor idea, as these closures frequently become infected, starting over the cycle of open wound.

Which your surgeon has recommended sounds completely appropriate and I would suggest following plan. Thank you for the questions and best wishes

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Slow healing after breast lift

It sounds like you have a small spot of delayed healing at the bottom of your breast lift.  Local wound care (as recommended by your PS) is likely the best way to manage this.  All wounds have a tendancy to get "bigger" before they get smaller.  This has to do with how our bodies healing and how our bodies try to "contract a wound" down to a smaller size.   Although it may seem easy to just suture the edges closed, there is likely too much inflammation around the wound edges to do this safely.  Please followup with your PS as he is the best person to evaluate and manage your small wound. Don't worry - with time this too shall pass.  I'm sure you'll love your results in a few weeks!

Dr. Basu

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From what you are describing it sounds like your PS is taking adequate care of your wound. In our practice we would be doing the wet to dry as well. It will heal from the inside out. Closing the wound is not recommend and not necessary since it will heal with ease if you continue to do the wet to dry as directed by your surgeon.


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