What steps should I take in fixing my breasts still being so un even? Should I lose weight before getting them redone again?

7 months post op and unhappy with my results. I had surgery to fix them being uneven-after surgery I have the same problem they are both just bigger now. The doctor did use a bigger implant on the smaller breast to try and even them out. How do I fix them at this point? I want to lose 50 lbs -should I wait to get them fix till after? Do doctors give discounts to fix 1st surgery? I got silicone gel implants underneath my muscle. Any advice or input on what I should do next would greatly help!!

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Fixing Asymmetrical Breasts

If you started with two different shaped breasts, it can be difficult to even the sizes out but with the right techniques it can definitely be improved. It would be a good idea to wait until you have lost the weight because the result of losing weight can change the size of your breasts. For most women, when they lose a lot of weight, their breasts decrease in size. Once you have reached your desired weight, it is recommended that you speak in person with a couple of board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast surgery so that they can do a proper assessment of your breasts and determine the best implants for your needs.

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Correcting asymmetrical breasts

I agree with the other Dr. Epstein. When you have two different soft tissue envelopes, one larger than the other, two different implants will rarely, if ever correct the asymmetry. Thisis an important point that a patient needs to know during the counseling process prior to surgery. In answer to your other question, if you are plannning to lose 50 pounds, I would suggest that you defer any breast revision surgery until after your weight stabilizes.

Mark D. Epstein, MD
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Correcting asymmetrical breasts

It is always a special challenge to correct asymmetrical breasts when operating to enhance their overall appearance. The more discrepant the breasts are to begin with, the more difficult it is to correct those differences. When considering augmentation surgery, it is almost always best to correct the differences in shape and size with lifting and reduction techniques prior to performing augmentation surgery. It is difficult to fix both shape and size differences with different implant sizes alone unless the differences are slight. Finally, as a patient, one must remember that perfect symmetry is rarely achievable and is not typically found naturally anyway.

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What steps should I take in fixing my breasts still being so un even? Should I lose weight before getting them redone again?

Your breasts do look a but uneven but that can happen when starting with different sized or shaped breasts. If you are planning on loosing weight, it may be better to wait until you are at your ideal and stable weight, and then consider a revision.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Weight Loss and Breast Revisions

Dear Worried Gal22, For most women, when they lose a significant amount of weight, their breasts will also decrease in size. With this smaller size, the breasts will often become more ptotic (droopy). If you are considering a breast revision in the future, it would be best for you to be at or very near your final desired weight in order to get the best results. So the first step in your process is to complete your weight loss program and then consider any revisions at that time. Best of luck.

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
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Should I lose weight before getting them redone again?

That much weight loss can have a significant effect on the breasts, so losing the weight before surgery would be best. It won't correct the problem, but it may save you from, perhaps, needing still another breast lift after the weight loss.

Some labelling on the photos would help. I can't tell if they are before and after, or both after. Ideally, arms should be at your sides, because raising the arms pulls on the breast tissue and distorts the appearance.

Many surgeons discount revision procedures.

All the best.

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Fixing asymmetry

If you are planning to lose 50 pounds, it is always best to wait until you do so before having surgery. It is unpredictable how your body will shed those pounds and there is no way to tell if one breast will get smaller than the other with weight loss. You can control this surgically after the weight loss by adjusting the amount of tissue that is removed or by placing different sized implants.

Doing breast lift and augmentation at the same time is always a very difficult procedure. This may be why you are seeing the asymmetry. A revision surgery is often required when doing both procedures together (in up to 30% of cases when you look at all plastic surgeon's results in the country!!) I would go back to the surgeon who did the first procedure since many will offer revision at no cost. You may have to pay for the hospital and anesthesia, but if the result was not satisfactory to you, the surgeon's fee is often adjusted off the bill.

In these pictures, it appears to me that you need a lift in addition to the implants that you have already. This may mean more scarring, but you will be able to get the nipple in the right place (centered on the mid-portion of the implant) and you will be able to get rid of the sagging that you see.

Don't fret!! You still have a great chance to have a really terrific result. Be patient and work with your surgeon...you are not far off the mark.

Good luck and I hope this helps!!

Beth Collins, MD
New Haven General Surgeon
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