Stemoxydene? New Hairloss Product?

Last derma dr i have seen asked me to keep using minoxidil for i have very thin hair , a new product hit the market it contains stemoxydel ...i cant find any scientific article from medscape or any site unrelated to the producer ..its new outhere any dr heard about it? Any recomendation? Itsnot any cheap ! Thank you

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Stemoxydine has not yet been widely studied for hair loss treatment.

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Stemoxydine has not yet been widely studied for hair loss treatment. The cosmetic group L'Oreal has designed and patented this product to be used topically.  The  stem cells are influenced and regulated  by creating hypoxia.  This seems to awaken dormant stem cells and produces increase numbers of follicles and also increased density.  L'Oreal controls all studies and also all distribution of this product.  The studies that L'Oreal has performed is on their website. There seems to be no danger in using this product except maybe to your purse.  Currently, FDA- approved Rogaine (Minoxidil) has been proven to increase the diameter of the hair shaft and  Propecia (Finasteride)slows/stops the miniaturization process in some cases.  There are other non-surgical hair loss treatments that may be beneficial to you including red light therapy, compound prescriptions and medicated shampoos. Newer research is being performed using platelet rich plasma especially for the scarring alopecias.  Speak with a board certified dermatologist specializing in hair restoration to determine the best treatment plan for your needs.

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