Stem Cell Transfer to the Breast to Hide Rippling in Thin Women?

I have silicone implants but a lot rippling . I was wondering if stem cell could help me!!! What is the average cost ? Thanks

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Fat grafting for thin breast tissue overlying an implant.

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What you are asking about are "fat grafts" not stem cells. There is no stem cell transplant for breast. Fat grafting can be used for improvement in rippling, however one has to be very careful in performing the procedure. I have seen fat grafts injected into the implant space rather than within the thin subdermal region. Another option is the use of Strattice or an acellular dermal matrix within the capsule to help camouflage the implant. Sometimes a slightly larger implant can help as well.

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Fat grafting to the breast can help you to cover the rippling

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The use of fat is good option for patients with thinned out breast tissue and rippling. I been doing fat grafting for more than 6 years for the breast and you can check my web site for examples. There is no stem cell treatment in U.S.  FDA  does not allow stem cell treatment and  any claim of stem cell use is false and misleading. The cost of fat grafting can be from $7-11,000 based on the patient's need .

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