SmileCareClub invisible braces recommendable or No?

Is smilecare a recommendable alternative to invisaline? It seems a little sketchy when for most SmileCareClub patients, there are zero visits to a dental office during treatment so I would like feedback from those who have worked with Smile Care Club or used them previously. I need to get braces but prefer something invisable and these are similar to invisaline yet not so pricey.

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SmileCareClub and ClearCorrect

I have to respectfully disagree with Dr. Drut.  I have been practicing orthodontics for over 23 years.  I took the first Invisalign course in 1999. I started using ClearCorrect approximately two years ago, for I found it to be superior to Invisalign.  Most people don't know this, but the founder of Invisalign founded ClearCorrect.  I have found the plastic used by ClearCorrect to be superior, and I do not have to place buttons/attachments like I did with Invisalign.  My patients have been very satisfied with the progress of their Orthodontics with Clear Aligners.

I have been with SmileCareClub for about one year.  I have treatment planned some very complex Ortho cases with Clear Aligners.  I use them exclusively in my own practice as well. If a case is not possible using Clear Aligner treatment, then the SmileCareClub patient is informed--these cases are rare in my practice.

Katy Orthodontist

What "is" SmileCareClub?

SmileCareClub is a revolutionary new product on the market for mild to moderate correction of orthodontic crowding or spacing.

It utilizes Tele-Dentistry in conjunction with treatment plans from licensed Orthodontist and General Dentists with aligner experience in your state.

The first step, is to visit your family dentist for a comprehensive exam and cleaning to make sure your teeth and gums are ready for orthodontic treatment.

From there, you can submit a Smile Assessment. This is a refundable assessment of your concerns and options for treatment. You can see if SmileCareClub is right for you, or if it's best to have traditional braces or an alternative aligner product. You can even be referred to an orthodontist or dentist near you for treatment.

There are reviews and before and after photos on the SmileCareClub website. There are also numerous reviews on RealSelf.

The great news is that today, there are numerous affordable options in the US besides traditional and uncomfortable metal braces.

We look forward to seeing your new smile!

Kathryn Amanda Wilson, DDS
Danville Orthodontist

SmileCareClub is a perfectly viable alternative for orthodontic alignment in some cases

SmileCareClub is a perfectly viable alternative for some cases. Though not intended for complex or comprehensive cases with skeletal discrepancies, SmileCareClub is the latest foray into the well established fields of teledentistry/telemedicine and provides a great service at a great price. Buy using modern technology, an orthodontic specialist licensed in your state can evaluate your case without having to see you in person as long as you are current with your dental visits and don't have any pending dental work or periodontal disease. If, after looking at your case the orthodontist determines it is too difficult for remote treatment, he or she will ask you to come to the office for more records, in person evaluation and/or treatment with braces. You literally have nothing to lose and can find out about your case without leaving the comfort of your home. Increased access to care through affordability and convenience has always been a passion of mine and I am excited about how many more people will be able to get the smile they always dreamed of through SmileCareClub.

Benjamin Burris, DDS, MDS
Fayetteville Orthodontist

Smile Care Club

Well, when it is too good to be true... you know the rest.

Be very careful when you want to consider teeth movements at home without doctors supervision. Yes it is true that dentists will do some treatment plan but without actual visits to the office on the monthly bases to supervise the progress and correct the issues that will arise, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble and this will cost you much more to correct than doing it right from the day one.  The damage to your bite and dentition could be very costly to correct.
My suggestion is to find an experienced orthodontist and get it done right with invisalign and not clear correct or smile care club, since invisalign is much more predictable and safer to use than the rest of the products on the market of clear aligners.

Oleg Drut, DDS
New York Orthodontist
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