Is it better to stay active or to rest after liposuction?

I've had leg lipo done 5 days ago. My legs are still painful and very bruised. I keep wearing my compression garment and have started being rather active again (no sport but walk around, do some stretching,etc). I wonder if moving around perhaps a little too much can be good to reactivate circulation and healing of bruises or if it does the opposite.

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Activity will be determined by your surgeon after liposuction.

in general it's not good to be completely sedentary after any operation including liposuction. However there will be restrictions that will be defined by your own surgeon.

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Activity after liposuction

First week post op - you should be around the house. You should not be immobilized in bed but on the other hand, you should not be doing aerobic activity.

Rest, ice, elevation, and compression is your best advice for the first week. Some movement is necessary to avoid a deep venous thrombosis. (blood clot in leg)

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