Status Post Laser Lipo Procedure? Have Red Rash That Isn't Itchy?

I had the same experience with 1 week post laser lipo abdomen and having red blanching rash that is not itchy or scaley on bilateral anterior stomach and into both front upper thigh regions as well as both hips next to incision sights which are not infected at all. I am concerned this could be an adverse reaction to the lido w/ epi used in the saline that was put in my abdomen during the procedure. Dr Hendricks states he has seen this happen before but it resolved, could it be allergy related?

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Smartlipo rash

The rash may be from irritation of the laser or even the compression garment. I would advise your surgeon and make a follow up appointment.

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A true rash is not a normal thing. It might be irritation due to the laser used directly under the skin. This will resolve. Also, this could be a contact dermatitis from prep solution to the garments. If this does not clear you may want to see a dermatologist

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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