Will 425cc's Eventually Make Me a D-Cup? I Am Disappointed With My Results.

I was told with my frame 425cc's would put me in a D/DD cup. I was a 34B, 5'4, 150lbs. I am two weeks post-op but I am a bit disappointed with them. Can someone let me know if this will put me in a 36D? If I lose weight, how will it effect my implants?

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Cup size after implants

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It is difficult to predict the exact cup size after implants because not only is every body different, so too are the bra manufacturers.  Besides if you have a 34 back size it will not go up to a 36.

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Disappointed after BA

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I agree that you are too early after surgery to make final judgements. In general, you will increase a cup size for every 200cc or so. So if you were a true B cup before, I would think you would be getting into a D cup when all the swelling goes down.

Disappointed with Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery.

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Thank you for the question.

At this stage in your recovery, it is much too early to evaluate the end results of surgery. It may be that 3 months from now you will end up pleased.

I suggest to all my patients that they concentrate on achieving a certain “look”, not a specific cup size, with their breast augmentation surgery.  In other words, my patients know not to base their communication and/or level of satisfaction with the results of surgery based on an arbitrary cup size that will vary from one bra store to another. 
Unfortunately,  no plastic surgeon is able to accurately predict what cup size you will end up wearing after breast augmentation with a certain size implant.  
Again, in my opinion, it is best to set your goals and  level of satisfaction with the results of surgery,  on achieving a certain look/proportionality,  not a specific cup size.
After you have waited a few months to see the final results of surgery,  don't be surprised if you are pleased with the results of surgery (regardless of cup size).  If not, communicate your questions and concerns calmly with your plastic surgeon.
I hope this helps.

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