Is it possible for the internal stitches of a Tummy Tuck to break 12 years post op?

I have had pressure and swelling in my abdomen for about 4 months which subsides at times but returns when I strain my stomach muscles. There was an actual large bulge which appeared once and disappeared a few hours later. I have an appointment very soon to determine if this is a hernia, but I am concerned that it may be the result of the tightening surgery. If it is indeed due to broken sutures, would my insurance cover the hernia repair?

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Hernia Repair

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If you have developed a true hernia of your abdomen, the repair is covered by insurance. A CT scan may be required to document the deformity. If this is a recurrence of the gap between the rectus muscles and not a true hernia, insurance will not cover. I recommend an evaluation first with your plastic surgeon to determine what could have happened. Further work-up will be guided by your exam by that surgeon., Best wishes.

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