Will the granuloma after sculpture go away? Is it dangerous. Can it become cancer?

Finished 3 sessions of sculpture 2 month ago. Found lump, thickening inside the cheeck. It is hard and about 4,5 mm. Can't see it through the face. It's inside the mouth. Will it go away? Is it dangerous?

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Nodules are an unwanted complication from injecting with Sculptra but thankfully there are certain protocols used to eliminate the nodules if they do appear.  It is important to seek out a physician with plenty of experience injecting Sculptra to avoid complications such as nodule formation.  I recommend making an appointment with the practitioner who injected you and express your concerns.  They should help you dissolve this nodule.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Granuloma after Sculptra

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The short answer and good news is that the granulomas are not cancerous.  Studies have shown that fewer than 10% of patients injected with Sculptra develop the formulation of nodules and that most could be felt but were not visible. Early nodules that appear one to three months after injection usually disappear over weeks to months. I would return back to your physician and see if they would recommend a possible steroid injection to expedite the resolution. Best of luck. 

Michael T. Somenek, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

Sculptra nodules

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Sorry to hear you are unsettled about this area. Nodules after Sculptra are a known phenomenon.  They will resolve with time.  If the area continues to be a nuisance at this stage an attempt to dissolve can be made with an Sterile Water injection or a steroid injection.

Takes time

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It will take time for any Sculpra nodules to go away.
Good that it is hidden.
Check with your doctor for a full evaluation of the problem.

Sculptra and Lumps

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Nodules and lumps have been reported from Scilptra. It is more uncommon these days as the product is diluted more now for injections. These modules are not dangerous and eventually subside. Please consult an expert. Best, Dr. Green

Lump in cheek after Sculptra

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It is possible to develop lumps in an area treated with Sculptra, or any other injectable filler.  When a lump develops after Sculptra, there are normally treatments that can be done to improve this issue.  The lumps are not dangerous and do not form cancer.  I would return to the physician who treated you with Sculptra so that you can be evaluated and see if there may be a treatment you could have to help.  Over time, these lumps do go away without treatment, but it could take several years.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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