5 days post capsule contraction revision . Any exercises to prevent capsule contraction again?

Just had a capsule removed from my right breast 5 days ago. I had both exchanged with gummie bear implants. They had to put my implant on my right breast over the muscle. It's still sitting night and looks still encapsulated . What exercises can I do now to prevent and help bring my breast into place. I don't like how it looks still round and capsulized. I'm very nervous it's not going to heal right.

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Implant at 5 days

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Without seeing preop and post-op photos it is difficult to comment other than to say that the breasts will likely change over the next few months as the implants settle.

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Breast augmentation and cupsular contracture

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Thanks for your question.
It is too early to be worried about the shape and look of the revised breast.  It had significantly more work done than the other side so it will appear 'off' in the first few weeks.  They generally soften and become more symmetrical over time.
Ask your Plastic Surgeon about their feelings on early massage of use of ace bandages etcetera.
Best of luck.
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