I Am Starting to Get Fat Deposits and Sagging Skin on the Sides of my Mouth. What to Do? (photo)

This is frustrating and really starting to bother me. First noticed two years ago. I have tried DAO injection, Lipo of the chin (I don't think he really go up into these fat pockets...it probably tricky?) There is currently Restylane smoothing above the mouth but nothing below. I'm 43 and always wear sunscreen I have considered filler to improve the contour but have concerns this would only add more of a heavy feel to my face and fullness when I would prefer more "chiseled" if that makes sense?

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Mid face lift picks up the bulges around the corners of the mouth.

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Of course, you need a real evaluation.  Just going by your picture, it looks like you have sagging of the central face.  A mid face lift (through the mouth) is a very good treatment for this.

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