Just Started Treatment but Have a Trip Coming Up Without Access to a Dentist

I have just started Invisilign and am on my 1st tray. I will be traveling for about a month come this February and it will be impossible to see a dentist should something go wrong - (buttons falling off, broken tray, pain etc..) Should I wait until I return from this trip to continue or re-start treatment after this trip as I am only on the first tray now?

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Keep Moving

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The only other suggestion that I would have for you is to take your last set of trays with you along with any new trays that you will need while travelling.  If you lose or break a tray, you can then fall back to the last tray you have in your possession to wear until returning home.  This way you will not suffer much relapse during your time of travel.

Best of Luck and enjoy that trip!!  

Philadelphia Dentist

Traveling while wearing Invisalign

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You should have no difficulties being gone for a month while wearing Invisalign.  In fact, being able to travel worry-free is an advantage of Invisalign over braces.  There is really nothing to break or poke you.  Buttons do not usually come off, and the trays rarely break.  If something WERE to happen you might consider not advancing to the next set of trays.  If you wear a set for 4 weeks nothing bad will happen.  One thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to simply stop wearing Invisalign because doing that might require starting your case all over again.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Problems with Invisalign are rare

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It is highly unlikely that a button will come off or an issue with a tray, so I would suggest continuing treatment.  Most issues will have been worked out by the time of your trip.

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