I Started Smoking 4 Weeks After Rhinoplasty! Is There Any Damage or Risk in my New Nose?

Hi, I'm 18, and I'm really statisfied with my new nose. It is smaller and I can breath very well now after 4 weeks. I started smoking like yesterday and I haven't smoke a pack yet, and I don't feel my nose something I can't breathe or any hurt at all. I wanted to know, am I risking that I continued smoking? I want an honest question. I know smoke is bad even for healthy people.

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Smoking Following Rhinoplasty

Following rhinoplasty, the nose continues to heal and remodel and change shape even out to a year or longer.  Smoking effects the healing process in negative ways.  The most critical time to stay away from cigarettes is during the month surrounding the surgery.  Beyond one month out from surgery, the effect of smoking on the result is probably minimal. However, if you don't want to interfere at all with the remaining healing, then you should consider minimizing or stopping your smoking altogether.

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