Started Retin-A a month ago. My skin is oily but my connective tissue is starting to sag. Why is my skin breaking out? (Photo)

This question has been asked over and over, however, is this a product that I will have to continue to use, or I will loose the results if I stop? My skin is oily, and I had blackhead (enlarged pores) are looking better after the first month. However, the Retin A is causing me to produce even more oil, hence I am breaking out more now that when I was in high school. Will this 'breaking out' go away in time? Beware, will attach pic, but this is bare skin and I am hideous.....

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Started RetinA a month ago, why is my skin breaking out?

In a small percentage of patients, the break out is worse before it gets better. Try to persevere and keep using the product. Most likely, your skin will improve.

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