I Have Started Invisalign Express and I Have 8 Trays in Total but Was Wondering if I Can Actually Speed Up my Treatment?

I had braces 9 years ago but because I didn't wear my retainers like I should of, I ended up with my teeth moving a bit, I just started my invisalign express treatment and by the time I finish it will take about 4 months, I should be done by July 4th but I really want to be out off them by May 31st since I leave for the summer. I spoke to my orthodontic Dr.and he just said that it was my call in speeding up the process but that he could not guarantee the treatment. Can anyone please help me with this.

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Speeding up Invisalign treatment

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The trays are designed to move teeth over a specific period of time. If you don’t keep each tray for a required time length it is very likely that your teeth will not move into the proper position. What you might find is that you will get to the last tray and the teeth will not be perfectly aligned. It is much better to stick to the protocol.

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