When Will I Start to See Results from Smart Lipo MPX of Inner Knee?

I'm 5'7-128lbs and had SmartLipo MPX of my inner knees 11 days ago. My knees look just as they did before the procedure. The doctor said he took out 125cc out of each knee and a little of the inner thigh to 'fan it out'. I'm wondering if I am still super swollen, or if he perhaps didn't take enough out. When will I finally start to see some results? Is there anything I can do to minimize the swelling for quicker results?

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Knee smartlipo results can take a while to see the results

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Any form of liposuction below the thighs will incur the greatest amount of swelling. Because of this swelling it can take weeks after the procedure to see improvement and months to see the final result. Removal of 125cc from your knees at your size is significant so noticeable improvement will be forthcoming. Continue to wear knee compression wraps until the knees no longer feel sore.

Swelling after liposuction of the inner knee

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legs do tend to swell for longer periods than other body sites after tumescent liposuction or smart liposuction.  Sitting and standing compound the swelling. Compression garments help and minimizing the amount of sodium (salt) intake may help too. It takes months to see the swelling dissipate. Many times less than 50 ccs of fat are removed from the inner knee. Once the inner thigh is treated, then the volume can increase significantly.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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