Should I Start Using Accutane?

I'm 20 years old and I've had recurring, and severe acne since I was 13. I tried using Proactiv, but it didn't really get the job done. I started seeing a dermatologist a couple years ago and I started using Tazorac, Duac, and Minocycline. The problem is, it's getting a little expensive. I drink lots of water and my acne meds are part of my daily routine. The medications have helped reduce my acne, but the acne is still there and won't go away. Is accutane an option I should start to consider?

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Consider Accutane

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In my opinion, Accutane is a wonderful drug for people with moderate to severe acne, of pretty much any age. I have written tens of thousands of prescriptions for it over the years. I have used it myself, I have written it for my family, and I truly believe in the results I have seen from it. For many patients, it's the only drug that works and gives long-term solutions. If your dermatologist is willing to write it, I would suggest you two discuss it. The current federal program called iPledge that is associated with Accutane is a difficult, cumbersome, structured program so many physicians I know have stopped prescribing it due to time restraints and patient compliance. But for me, prescribing Accutane is something I will always do and always recommend.

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