I had reconstructive surgery after double mastectomy 5 years ago. I am having pain in the left breast. I have saline implants.

After having double mastectomy, my Dr. did tissue expanders, then he implanted saline implants. This was 5 years ago. 8 months ago I started having pain in my left breast. The pain is relieved if I push upward on the outer side of the breast up toward my chin ( best reference I can think of) I also have started wearing compression bras and have gotten bras with a strap across to help Hold the breast in place. The pain has gotten worse over the past 8 months.

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Pain after reconstruction

Any change in symptoms should be evaluated in person by your surgeons. Best of luck. Hope all is well.

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Pain after breast reconstruction

It sounds like your implants are either too heavy and are causing stretch on the nerves or that you have a painful capsular contracture, although this seems less likely.  Without seeing pics or knowing how big your implants are, there's not enough info to be more specific, but if you need a revision or are interested, your surgery should be covered, so I'd recommend seeing a PS near you for their thoughts.  

Cain R. Linville, MD
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Pain after reconstruction

This is an issue that should be seen by the physician who did the original reconstruction or by another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  It may be a capsule forming around the implant which will not improve without treatment.  This will be covered by your insurance if the reconstruction was after a cancer diagnosis.

John S. Poser, MD
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