Correct implant size for my body?

Based on discussion with PS staff, it was decided that Natrelle Inspira TRX/TSX would be best and that I needed to go with the 560 or 615cc to make them look right (diameter 14cm). I am worried that I will end up with gigantic breasts. I made rice sizers at home and felt like 450cc was plenty (if not slightly too much). I don't exactly understand what my options are. When I look at the Natrelle Inspira chart it seems that the implant sizes for 14cm diameter breasts is larger like 500ish.

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Breast implant sizing considerations #plasticsurgery

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I have found that my best breast augmentation results are with patients for whom we select breast implants that fit well within the existing dimensions of their breasts - we take measurements of breast height and width and choose implants accordingly. 

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