Staph or MRSA After Breast Reduction?

About 4wks ago I had a BR. Everything was fine until my left breast kept getting darker and sore. I had to have surgery again and my doctor said he went down into my great about an inch. The infection was worse than he thought. I am destroyed. I am so very scared that I am going to lose my breast. He packed it and now I have white stuff all around my nipple. I assume it's infection. Can someone tell me if I will lose my breast?

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Infection or tissue loss?

Complications do occur after reductions but it would be extremely unusual for you to lose your breast.  Wound care should allow you to heal and then you can examine what defect you have and options for repairing it can be presented to you.  If your tissue got darker, you could have simply lost some tissue.

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MRSA After #BreastReduction?

It's difficult to give even an educated guess without a photo and, to be fair, you need to be seen in person to have a full assessment.  However, in general, infections after breast reduction, however scary they appear to be, often heal with relatively minimal distortion and can, in that case, be improved with a scar revision.  Hopefully, that will not even be needed.

In the interim, though, the most important thing is that you continue to work with your plastic surgeon in terms of wound care.  Antibiotics, wet-to-dry dressings as indicated, etc., should ultimately provide a well-healed wound and at that point you can consider, and it will hopefully not even be necessary, a revision.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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Infection after breast reduction

Without an examination it is not possible to understand the extent of the problem.  If the wound has been adequately drained and treated it will heal.  Once healed you can consider a revision. 

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Breast Infection

Thank you for your question.  It sounds like you may have a breast infection. Most infections if appropriately managed will not result in loss of your breast.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Best wishes on your recovery.

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Breast infection

Sorry to hear about your problem. It is difficult to comment without an exam. In general most breast infections heal with good wound care and often remarkably well. Best to follow very closely with your surgeon.

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Wounds after breast reduction usually heal without subsequent surgery.

Loss of skin and subcutaneous fat sometimes accompanies breast reduction. Most the time these heal with careful wound care. A scar revision might be required in the future.

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