What Can Help Determine if Male Breast Reduction is Warranted?

Is there some sort of self-measurement? What will the doctor do at the consultation? How much is a consultation?

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No standard measurements to determine whether patient should have gynecomastia surgery

The decision of whether to have surgery for gynecomastia is a personal one. If you are uncomfortable with the size, sagging or projection of your breast tissue, you should see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation who can present surgical options to you.

Your coice

Many men live with enlarged breast. Some men have a surgical procedure performed and others do not.  This is a personal matter and one which only you can decide.  A plastic surgeon can tell you if you have gynecomastia and what outcome you can expect but it is purely your decision.

At you consultation the doctor will take a history of you development, medications and a physical exam.

Some consultations are free others cost.

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Gynecomastia Surgery

This is a personal choice. If you are feeling uncomfortable about your chest, then you will probably benefit from gynecomastia (male breast reduction) surgery.  Different procedures can be performed (removal of the breast tissue as well as liposuction of the chest area) and after your consultation, your surgeon can discuss your options with you.  Some plastic surgeon's charge for a consultation, others don't.  Do your research and make sure the surgeon you choose has experience with this type of surgery and is a board certified plastic surgeon.

Good Luck!

If a man thinks his breasts are too big, then they probably are too big.


No measurements are necessary.  If you are self conscious about your chest, you can probably be helped by gynecomastia surgery.

A plastic surgeon can tell you that in fact you are a good candidate,and which is the best procedure for you.  For most men, it is a combination of liposuction and removal of the small amount of firm breast tissue under the nipple.

Policies about consultation fees vary widely.  Some surgeons don't charge for consultations, or the fee can be up to $200 or more.

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Really the best thing to do is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to be evaluated.  It really varies from liposuction alone to a combination liposuction and excision, to a formal excision with skin removal.

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Gynecomastia standards

The decision to get a reduction of male breast size is personal.  There are no standards that would dictate that you should or should not get a reduction in your breast size.  If your particular appearance is such that it causes you concern, you should seek a consultation from a plastic surgeon to discuss the possibilities.

At the consultation the surgeon will examine you to determine what options are available to you and ask what you would like to accomplish.

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Dr. Peterson

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If  you think your male breasts are too large, get a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Many plastic surgeons do not charge for a consultation, so it will be free and you will find out what can be done.

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How to go about getting surgery for gynecomastia

Men who choose to have correction of their gynecomastia do it in order to feel more comfortable both in and out of clothing. It is a body image issue and most men feel embarrassed with larger, feminine appearing breasts. Many men will go without ever going to the beach or pool for fear of being seen without their shirt, or that a light T-shirt would expose their breasts. Fortunately the surgery is fairly easy and very successful. The first step is to contact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that has experience with treating patients with gynecomastia. He/she should be able to examine you and explain your options. The consultations are usually free. The surgery is generally cosmetic so you should expect to pay for this yourself without insurance. Hope this helps. Good luck and go for it!

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