Is It Standard Practice to Remove Someone's Amalgam Fillings Without First Obtaining Their Consent (Written or Verbal)?

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A question of Consent

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Dental treatment of any kind should not be undertaken before a visual and radiographic  examination is done to determine the status of the restorations in question. After this, a discussion about the reasons the fillings are to be replaced as well as the consequences of no treatment should follow. Often there can be leaking , open margins around an old restoration and no symptoms. Photographs can be easily taken & then you will be able to see the breakdown around the filling. The discussion should also include information about the various materials that can be used, the cost of the treatment, the life expectancy of the options as well as the benefits of the materials used. This is informed consent!  

Standard Practice and Obtaining Consent

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A dentist and a patient are supposed to have a relationship which should be based on trust. A patient should be informed of any procedure BEFORE the procedure is done, whatever it might be. At least a verbal consent to the procedure should be obtained. I've never heard of a patient allowing a dentist to start anything without asking what is being done.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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