What is the Standard Cost for Implants and a Lift? I Am in Canada....

I saw a doctor yesterday and feel really good about him... I am just concerned that his cost is WAY higher than anyone else. I am just looking for base costs for implants and a lift... his cost is running just over $14000 for both...that seems high after reading alot of posts on here...

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Cost of breast augmentation with lift

The price of surgery varies among surgeons as well as locations.  Breast augmentation with lift has cost from 1) surgeon's fee, 2) facility fee, 3) anesthesia fee, and 4) implant fee.  I don't think the price should be the determining factor in choosing a surgeon.  Look for her or his credentials/qualification.  Make sure that she/he is board certified by ASPS. Also talk to your family and friends who have gotten surgery from the plastic surgeon and that they are happy with their result.  If you don't feel comfortable with the surgeon or the price, then visit with another plastic surgeon as well.

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The most costly surgeon doesn't guarantee the best result

There is no standard cost for cosmetic procedures.  If your doctor's fees are way above everyone elses, you would have to decide if the extra costs are worth what you think you may get from him/her.  Most doctors can do the procedure you seek and have excellent results.  I would suggest you consider second opinions through referrals from trusted friends and other ways to get yourself better value for you money.  The most costly physician does not guarantee you the best result.. 

Curtis Wong, MD
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Too expensive

Surgical fee          $5000

OR fee                   $1000

Anesthesia            $1000

Br Implants (gel)   $1600

$14,000 is way too expensive.  

E. Anthony Musarra II, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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