Was It Standard of Care for my Dr. to Place my Silicone Implants Above the Muscle?

I had a skin sparing bilateral mastectomy.I was stretched to a "DD" above muscle,then replaced w/ 700 cc silicone implant.After transfer,I was left with finger-like folds, rippling,lots of xtra skin. To correct this,Dr. then removed my aereola and additional skin,cut breast tissue in 1/2 pulld bottom 1/2 over top, then top over bottom to get double skin coverage. I lost my aereola. Was this standard of care procedure? I now have pain and bottoming out; What can be done now? Please help.

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Was It Standard of Care for my Dr. to Place my Silicone Implants Above the Muscle?

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I truly sympathize with your situation. Most of my Plastic Surgery colleagues make every effort to educate their patients on their options and their potential draw backs and complications. But - the topic is vast and often incomprehensible even to physicians in other specialties.

Without specifically reviewing your whole medical record and examining you it would be presumptive and unprofessional on any professional to render specific advice much less legal advice on the range of how this operation is performed in your community. To learn more you may wish to consult a second opinion in your community. You may get a list of board-certified Plastic surgeons from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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