How long is the healing process? (Photo)

How long does it normal take for a wound like this to heal? It's about 1-2inches deep I'm on antibiotics and I have been packing and flushing it twice daily.

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Wound and healing

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Many variables come into play, but it will likely heal in within 3-4 weeks with the appropriate wound care.  Best of luck.

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How long does healing take?

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Thank you for your question and photo. One thing you should know, is that every person and every incision heals differently. Your breast reduction #incisions can even heal differently on each of your breasts. To increase your chances of proper healing, you should be following ALL of your #post-operative instructions and continue with your current course of wound #treatment. 

You may experience different sensation in the breast tissue as the #wounds heal and even afterward. This is normal. However, the things you should be concerned with are: sudden increase in swelling and pain, increased redness around the incision, an oral temperature greater than 100.4 and drainage that is think yellow or green in color or if it is foul smelling. If any of these occur, you need to contact your surgeon immediately.

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