BBL revision 3rd time will I have enough fat?

If you have had a BBL twice before and will like to have another to make my shape fuller. I gained 60 lbs and lost 25 lbs which make me 240, I have went to a few doctors and they told me since I already had the BBLs there may not be enough fat to take out for the shape I would like. which I would like about 1200-1600cc in each cheek if possible. I will be losing 60lbs more but then I won't have enough fat for the BBL from what I am told. Implants maybe? but would rather do BBL w/ hip transfer.

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I think that you need to get to your goal weight and see what is available. Having the BBL performed and then losing weight may cause the fat to shrink in the buttocks as well.

Enough fat for revision BBL?

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Hard to know how much fat you will have left after your additional weight loss. That being said, if you have a fat transfer and then lose a bunch of weight, most of what you'll lose will be from your butt.
My best advice is this - achieve your goal weight first and then seek consultation. You may qualify for BBL, or you may need implants with or without BBL. As long as you are at a weight that you're comfortable with, we don't have to worry about you losing all your transferred fat.

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