Rough Estimate of what sort of braces do I need and duration? (photo)

Okay so I am probably getting braces soon and was interested in what sort I will need...would I need bands etc - Please if anyone knows then tell me :O Also, I know that nobody knows for sure but does anyone know a rough estimate for how long I will need braces for? My two front teeth are the only gap the rest are "perfect" as my orthodontist says :) Please any info would be great!

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Braces estimate

Hi Sophie, thank you for posting your photo here. We can see a mild gap in front teeth. If rest of the teeth are in perfect place then you can have some restorative work done to fill the gap. If the teeth have to be moved to close this gap then all the teeth will have to be moved. It can take a bit of time but is possible with any form of braces. You can have braces anywhere from £2000 onwards. It might be best to see a dentist and get the correct estimate because it varies from practice to practice.

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