What Stages of a Full Mouth Reconstruction Are the Most Painful?

How long does it take for the pain to pass? What kind of pain is it? Throbbing? Shooting? Are there any headaches?

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Full Mouth Reconstruction Does NOT have to be painful

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When done carefully by a well-trained Full-Mouth reconstructive dentist, none of the procedures HAVE TO BE PAINFUL! I'm not suggesting that a full day spent in a dental chair is something to look forward to, but it can be a pleasant experience in the right hands in the right environment. Distractions, such as video screens, music, hot parafin hand wax, reflexology and massage, to name a few, can make the time go by quickly and pleasantly. If there is pain after the "drilling" procedures, it might be slight throbbing that is usually relieved by simple anti-inflammatory pill such as ibuprofen. Similarly, if you are prone to headaches after a stressful situation.

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