This is probably best addressed by an oral surgeon or prosthodontist.

Basically ALL of my natural teeth are hopeless and lost. I'm unemployed and can not afford to pay for dozens of surgical extractions. Is it medically and aesthetically possible to remove say just the front eight ( upper and lower) and engineer/fabricate dentures or partials for the critical front dentition only? I need to be presentable at job interviews. For the foreseeable I don't have nearly the money or months for the complete implant process. Please give me some hope! Hopeful

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Yes, it is possible.

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Start with getting your hopeless teeth extracted.  You may want to travel to a dental school or find a public health clinic.  Save your money for a dentist who can fabricate a natural looking denture.  When you get back on your feet you can evaluate adding dental implants to your prosthesis.  

Newport Beach Prosthodontist


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Yes, it's possible as a stop-gap procedure.  Any doc should be able to make you look presentable for a job interview.  When you land that job, go back and really put things in order!

Neville Richter, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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