Is This Staff Infection? (photo)

This photo attached was taken right after my BA in December. Those bumps went away but they left terrible scarring on my lower breasts. What can they be? And what can I do to reduce the scarring? Its been 4 months and they haven't faded at all.

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It does look like something is brewing the exact bug I am not sure but I do think you should see your surgeon immediately

Staph Infection?

This does not appear, from your photos, to be an infection.  Some individuals will react more to the sutures.  The small hole in the middle of your scar on the left breast can be a concern.  This should be examined by your plastic surgeon.  The other part of your scars should fade with time.  Treatment with a Scar Recovery Gel may help.  Good Luck!

Is This Staff Infection?

No not an infection. Appears as a early healed incision! It takes at least a year for full maturation of the incision. But you must understand there will ALWAYS be a scar of some degree! 

Is This Staph Infection? (

I wouldn't try to make a bacteriologic diagnosis based on a photo. The right side looks like a healing incision. The left side is troublesome--I am not sure that the dark area isn't implant--it probably is not, but you should see your surgeon.All the best. 

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