What Does "Stacking" Mean In Reference to Co2 Smartxide Laser Tx? What's Best For Me? (photo)

i had smartxide dot laser at a setting of 18 ,no results skin red 3 days back to normal and at work day 3 .i am due for a second treatment as its been 2 mnths and no change in my skin,so i am looking for help with the setting for wrinkles around the lips and cheeks i have read 25/30 is good for this but i dont understand what docters mean by stacking ,is this a second pass also is a smaller dot size better ,and is there a diffrence in the deph and heat to this tretment,much info before my second

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Dot Laser settings

I like the DOT laser because of its versatility.  There are 3 main settings: laser power, DOT spacing and DOT depth.  On the face,  I usually use a power setting of 25-30 Watts, DOT spacing of 400-500 um( the closer the dots ie smaller the number, the greater the surface area ablated), and a dwell time of 500-1000 ms (the longer the dwell time, the deeper the dots penetrate).  These are fairly aggressive settings, and often my patients have a week recovery time.  The stacking also lets you get more depth, and I frequently do 2-3 around the stubborn lip lines.  I hope this helps, and I hope you achieve good results after your second treatment.  Lana Long, M.D.

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