Stabilizer Band: Does It Make a Difference? (photo)

I will have my BA in less than two months and having a natural slope on the upper pole is very important for me. My PS does not use bands but I have seen some excellent results on people who did use them. So I am wondering whether I can go ahead and use a band anyways (something like in the picture)? Could it have any negative effects? (I will have 300cc moderate plus profile silicone implants with subpectoral placement; I have little breast tissue right now and 11.5cm in BWD)

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Band critical in trans-axillary augmentation

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The breast band is very important when the implants are placed through the axilla (armpit). This method does not involve cutting of the muscle so that the muscle remains strong compared to peri-areolar or infra-mammary approaches (which require cutting of the muscle). Although the implant position is perfect at the end of the surgery, when the patient wakes up, her muscles will try to push the implants up too high on the chest. The band prevents this from happening. Post-op follow-up is critical post augmentation and I see my patients every week to manage the position of the implants with the band. On occasion, one implant will settle down before the other implant, and on these occasions I will have the band go under the low implant and above the higher implant, bandilaro style. On average my patients wear the band for at least 3 weeks and sometimes up to 8 weeks or more for stubborn implants.

Rancho Cucamonga Plastic Surgeon

Banding For Upper Pole Slope

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I routinely use a band across the upper breast following placement of submuscular implants and feel that it is very beneficial.  Ask your surgeon about your concerns.  I cannot imagine why he/she would have a problem with your request.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Stabilizer Band with Breast Augmentation

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I do use a strap often with patients after breast augmentation. Though there is no literature to prove it helps I do see good clinical results with the strap. I have patients use them until they are comfortable with where the implants have settled. I also have them start massage exercises about 10-14 days after surgery to help the implant capsule stay soft in the pocket. I think there are many many different opinions on this topic but I do think it helps. 


Trust your PS

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Thank you for the question. This question is best answered by your surgeon. We have different procedures in handling post operation treatment. So best to follow up with your board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his/her recommendations.Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

Bra strap after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. If your surgeon recommends a bra strap, they may be wanting to influence the decent of the implants within the breasts over the first six months after surgery as it usually takes several months for the breasts to settle out. If they don't, it might because they are more aggressive with pocket dissection and opening up the lower aspect of the breast, and may want to avoid the bra strap as it may put too much downward pressure.  I would recommend following your surgeon's instructions and follow-up.

Doesn't sound good!!!

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Any Plastic Surgeon that categorically doesn't do something should be avoided!!!  No two patients nor their experiences are exactly the same.  Using a breast band (Bando) to assist with "settling" of the implants in their correct position postoperatively is an important tool that me and most of my colleagues employ.  It's not necessary in 100% of cases but when the natural tendency of implants placed in the subpectoral position is too ride up towards the clavicle, it is often helpful to use the Bando and other techniques to ensure perfect results.

Also, a 300 cc moderate plus profile implant may be too LARGE for your BWD to give you the natural, sloping breasts you want.  Consider a smaller implant like the 250 cc moderate plus profile with a BWD of 11.3 cm.

Eric Sadeh, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Banding after Breast Augmentation

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I would talk to your PS about your concerns but he/she should not have a problem with it.  I use the band for a lot of my patients with excellent results.  I believe that constant downward pressure helps patients get to their "final" results more quickly than without the band.  Best of luck.

Kindest regards,

Neil J. Zemmel

Stabilizer band after surgery

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I dont typically use or need these bands after breast augmentation unless i have performed the surgery through the axilla. I find these bands are very helpful with the trans axillary augmentations. Swelling takes time to resolve. your healing is not complete until 6-9 months after surgery.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Breast bands after augmentation

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We almost always use the breast band after augmentation as we feel patients are more comfortable with the implant held securely down in the pocket. Will it make a break the result? Over the long term surgeons have shown it might make little difference with or without. You can get one online, or even use an ace wrap if you wish. Some surgeons even disagree about the need for a bra after augmentation, but if you find the bra and band secure and comfortable go with them.

Stabilizer Band: Does It Make a Difference?

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I personally use the bands in a significant number of patients. I do not think they have any benefit in the overall results, they just get the patient to the endpoint sooner. It's like wearing an acewrap on a swollen ankle or a compression garment after liposuction. But the final result will be the same with or without the compression.

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