Do TT Incision That is Straight Across and Low, Create More of a Boxy Muffin Top Shape than the Traditional U Incision? (photo)

I am 4'11" 118 lbs. I have a waist so I am not naturally square shaped, just petite. My PS said he prefers straight across incisions because they are more easily hidden in low-rise jeans, but I am afraid it will give me a box shape. Does the incision type effect your shape or how much skin is pulled down tightly? Will a straight incision be more likely than a "U" to cause dog ears?

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Incision for TT.

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Ideally the incision will approximately follow the contour of the garment in the photo. I would have to see a marking of what you call a straight line incision to see what alternative pattern is being considered.  A true straight line would either wind up low on the hips and be visible in undies or any two piece swimwear, or would be hidden on the hips a too high on the abdomen. 

The exact incision pattern should not effect the outcome otherwise.

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Straight Low Incision for Tummy Tuck

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    The incision type will not create a square look.  Liposuction of the flanks may improve your contours and shape as well.  The low straight scar is harder to achieve but easier to hide in clothing and swimsuits.  Sometimes the lateral portions of the U scar cannot be hidden in clothing.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tucks each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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