Can a Spring Aligner/Retainer Be Used to Straighten my 4 Upper Front Teeth? (photo)

I have never had braces- my teeth are fairly straight with some crowding on the top. Can a spring aligner (like Inman) be used to "push/tip" them into place? I'm not interested in braces or full trays like invisalign. I just want a straighter smile without any bite changes and hopefully without using IPR/slenderizing. I've heard pushing forces can shorten teeth, is this true also? If so, how is this avoided with a removeable appliance?

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Spring Aligner

A removable retainer can be designed to align teeth that are not very crooked.  Generally this is done by placing small springs on the back side of the teeth, or possibly on the the wire that goes in front of the teeth.  However, this method of aligning teeth is not as predictable as full tray aligners or braces.  So if you want to give it a try make an appointment to visit an orthodontist and find out if it will work for you. If a pre-treatment x ray shows that your tooth roots are normal you don't have to worry worry about root shortening because the amount of movement you will have is so little that there is very little danger shortening could happen. 

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