Is It Normal to Have These Indentations After Dermabrasion? (photo)

I had dermabrasion done 5 months ago for a couple acne marks. Dermabrasion was done to my whole chin. While the original problem was taken care of, it left these indentations on either side of my mouth. The skin is also very dry, and you can tell where it was started and stopped, in addition to an uneven skin texture. Is there anything that I can do to address this concern of mine?

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A dermabrasion converts the ice pick type of scars into  valley scars.  Now, these valleys need to be filled. We usually fill the valleys during the dermabrasion, but the filling can be done anytime.   You need to use a permanent filler like fat, collagen or silicone.   A temporary filler like hyaluronic acid only last several months.


It's challenging to tell from the photos to what extent the skin has been altered.  Dermabrasion, depending on the nature of the aggression used during the treatment, can leave the skin drier than usual.  It is important to use a good moisturizer at home day and night.  As well, dermabrasion can leave our skin more sensitive to the sun and exposure can leave your skin drier.  A good sunscreen is key.  

As for the indentations you are seeing.  They are not visible in the photos but the lighting is different in the post photos.  There was some indentations that are visible in the pre photos and the dermabrasion may have caused the skin to reflect light different due to the removal of the stratum corneaum.  This means you can see the indents more now.  The treatment for these can be either radio frequency to build up the collagen or ipl to reduce the pigment (if visible, can't tell from the photos) and to build collagen.  You can also have injections in the area to reduce the indented area and add a little volume.

it is recommended that you return to the cosmetic physician you saw for this treatment so they can assess you completely and give you solutions to the issues you are experiencing.


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