I Paid $800 for Restylane Under Eyes “tear Trough” Surgeon Missed a Spot Wants $600 to Fix. Common?

I paid $800.00 in Atlanta for Restylane Under my eyes “tear trough” I had a follow up visit with the surgeon as I was requested. I pointed out a spot that was missed. Surgeon agreed it needed to be fixed and had the nurse tell me it would be $600.00 more to fix. I didn’t have it fixed. Is this common practice? Thanks!

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I Paid $800 for Restylane Under Eyes “tear Trough” Surgeon Missed a Spot Wants $600 to Fix. Common?

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$800 was probably for 1 syringe and you were under dosed, you may want to purchase the second syringe to see full correction from your treatment

It's normal to consider touching up or additional filler after initial treatment

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Costs aside, since it's not possible to know what exactly the surgeon was charging you for (syringe sizes involved, whether that surgeon charges a "labor" or "injection" fee, etc), it's not uncommon for the physician and patient to reassess filler treatment --especially under eye-- a few weeks after initial injection, and to consider adding more. There is a lot of swelling and puffiness associated with injection and the doctor will want to be cautious to not overcorrect or overfill on day one. You might consider seeing a different physician to see if the costs and recommendations are in line with what you were told.

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fees for revision

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Well, it really depends whether this fee is for the product to be used, or is a fee for the surgeon's time, or a combination of both.  
Typically in our practice, the charges are based on the amount of restylane needed, not the time factor.  If you simply need more product placed in the area,because your tear troughs are deeper than expected, or you want more of a correction, then it's fairly reasonable that there would be an extra fee to purchase this additional product.  We have a generous "touch-up" policy, but not all practices do....

Restylane and tear troughs

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First, there is a definite need to allow the product to swell and settle down, then re-assess the area. Sometimes massage of the product can correct minor issues, and sometimes there is a need for additional product. If you are working with a reputable and well-trained physician, ask questions and be sure you're both understanding what your expectations are.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane touchup pricing

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It sounds like one syringe wasn't enough and that your surgeon is discounting the second syringe. It is impossible to know whether the small, touchup syringe would be enough. Generally, patients don't complain of the doctor having missed a spot. If you have questions, make an appointment to discuss with your doctor.

Restylane touch-up pricing

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There are different sized syringes of Restylane available - 1ml and .5ml are most common. Some people frankly need more than one syringe of Restylane to get desired effects. I don't know that the area was necessarily "missed" as much as there just might not have been enough filler in one syringe to do all that was needed. So it's not surprising, necessarily, that you may need another syringe. Another full 1ml syringe, I don't know...there are smaller sized syringes available that may be enough for you, but without a photo at least, it's really hard to say.

$600 to "fix" Restylane, is that a fair price?

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$800  was probably for one syringe of Restylane which is a little high for my area but might be the going rate in Atlanta. $600 sounds like a lot for a small touch up. Those of us that use this product very frequently keep small touch up syringes on hand for little corrections, if needed. I charge $150 for one of these. I do think that you should be expected to pay if you need a bit more unless it is obvious that the doctor did something unevenly and then I would expect them to touch it up at their cost or for no charge. 

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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