My belly button came out during pregnancy and still hasn't gone in. Is this an umbilical hernia? (Photo)

it is not painful. comes out a little when coughing. abdomen pains after exercises. I feel diastasis recti when self examining.

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Umbilical hernia

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Yes, you have an umbilical hernia. Make an appointment with a general surgeon to get this fixed; it is a relatively simple outpatient procedure.

Prominent belly button after pregnancy

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You either have an umbilical hernia or you have a diastasis recti (stretched muscles without true hernia).

Only an examination can tell you which it is.

The difference -
  • A hernia appears when the tough fascia around the muscle tears apart, allowing intestines to come out and lie under your skin.
  • A diastasis is stretching of the muscles and fascia but without tearing, so intestines stay where they belong.
Repair is different for these two conditions:
  • For a hernia, the intestines are gently replaced and both layers of fascia must be repaired. 
  • A a diastasis, only the front layer of fascia needs to be tightened.
Here in the USA, health insurance pays for repair of a hernia but often will not pay for repair of a diastasis.
Best wishes.

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