Is Squint Can Be Corrected by Lasik?

Hello doctor i have convergent squint in my left eye and i have +6 power in both iam using glasses at home and contact lenses at work.I want to know whether my squint can be corrected by Lasik or i have to go for muscle surgery. When i was 6 years i had a muscle surgery for squint in my left eye.But it is still there. My priscription is right is +5.75-50x060 left is+6.50 50x110.Please suggest me a solution. I want to get rid of glasses and squint. Iam 26 years old.

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Squint Or Strabismus and LASIK LASEK

i am reporting the largest series of patients with strabismus in the US successfully corrected by LASEK next month at the ESCRS conference in Milan

in some cases, the eyes will actually be straighter afterwards, because we can make the lazy eye see better, so the brain has new motivation to keep the eyes locked in place, to avoid double vision (before with one eye lazy and not seeing well, the brain ignores the vision from that eye so it wanders)

i can also aim to make the eye after LASEK a bit + or - on the Rx in these cases instead of the more typical 0, which can help bring the eye in or out and keep it straighter because of something called the "triple reflex."

in all these cases, i work closely with a pediatric ophthalmologist. sometimes they perform muscle surgery to straighten the eye, but always after my LASEK, as again the better the eye sees, the more incentive the brain has to keep it straight

Dr Emil Chynn

New York Ophthalmologist
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