Squidgy Lump in Saline Breast Implant Two Years Post-Op, Could this be Caused by the Chemotherapy I Had?

i had saline breast implants two years ago, yesterday i felt a bubble like lump on my right breast at the top on the left hand side. it moves about and squidges when i touch it. I've just finished chemotherapy for Hodgkins lymphoma. does this sound like something sinister? I've got an appointment with my surgeon this week just to be on safe side

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Lump two years after breast augmentation

Hi.  I agree with your decision to see your surgeon.  Breast lump can be a benign breast mass (adenoma, cyst, etc) or a malignant one.  The fact that it is mobile is a favorable indicator that it may be benign.  However, your surgeon may decide on ultrasound and/or mammogram after examining you.  Best wishes.

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