I have squamous cell cancer scheduled for January 24, 2014. I am wondering if I should have someone else remove it sooner?

I have squamous cell cancer on my upper back/neck. this was found by my dermatologist last Friday after a routine visit. I had melanoma on my lower back 8 years ago. He told me that he needs to remove it and has me scheduled for January 24, 2014. That seems like a long time to wait to me. I am wondering if I should have someone else remove it sooner?

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Skin cancer surgery for sqamous cell cancer and timing

Unless your spot is changing rapidly or growing quickly, this time frame falls under a very acceptable amount of time to have this lesions treated. As already said, it is important that you see a good and well trained dermatologic surgeon more so than anything else. 

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Skin cancer surgery scheduled in one month, is that fast enough?

That would be a fine amount of time to do your procedure. SCC cancers tend to be slower growing so it will not change much at all in the next 5 weeks. It would be more important to have someone you trust remove it than shop around for someone who has a quick appointment available. 

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