Implant supported bridges, how many implants should be placed? Getting worried!

I had full extractions, and scheduled for implanted supported . Now I'm worried that this may become a problem with bone loss under the bridges. he plan is 3 bridges per arch 12 "teeth" per arch total, was hoping for 14, cemented to implanted abutments. The dentist suggested 6 implants, and this doesn't seem enough to prevent bone loss, or support that length of bridges. Also, is cementing onto implants the best plan, as opposed to screwed in? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Implant bridges

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I do these all the time. 12 teeth per arch cemented.  No screw holes, no fillings, no bulk. I have several examples.  If you want more implants it raises cost. It will also be more tedious to clean. If that is okay, talk with your doctor.

Chicago Dentist

Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Very good questions.  What do you have in place now?  There are several ways to complete cases like you have mentioned.  The answer is dependent on the quality of your bone, the length of the implants that can be placed as well as how far apart the implants are placed for bridges.  Careful planning with a 3D scan and surgical guide from the 3D scan can ensure the implants are placed where they can be restored.  It is important to begin with the end in mind.  Screw retained versus cemented, pros and cons to both.  You can retrieve screw retained as well.  More important for a proper plan to restore your mouth to proper function, health, and esthetics and hopefully long term stability.  Talk to your dentist again and ask more questions.Good luck

Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

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