During removal of batten grafts that were wrongfully put in, can they put in spreader grafts at the time of surgery? (Photo)

Hello! I am about to undergo a 4th surgery on my nose :( The last surgeon I went to put batten grafts in and they are crooked as hell and I have an infection in my right nostril due to this. I wanted to sue this surgeon for his lack of expertise and leaving me hang without proper care for follow ups as he is on medical leave now. The grafts he put in HAVE TO COME OUT!!!! Can they remove these things and put in spreader grafts instead so I can breathe properly? Thank You :)

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Revision Rhinoplasty

With each successive rhinoplasty the surgery becomes more difficult.There are a number of individuals who claim to be experts in revision rhinoplasty but their expertise is confined to advertisement. It sounds as if you have two distinct problems.The first is infection which needs to be cleared. In order to resolve the infection it may be necessary to remove some or all of the grafts.The next issue is your appearance which would be addressed six to twelve months after the resolution of the infection.

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