At what point do you need to worry about your lip injections? (Photo)

Five days ago I defined the outline of my lips and increased size with lip injections by a certified plastic surgeon. My top lip if ok except 2 small bumps, but the worst is a very large bump (about the size of a blueberry) on my lower lip. It seems to be somewhat getting better, but the litter lip is still very painful and looks terrible. The lower left lip is very bruised. I had it done Monday and this is now Friday. The office is closed and I'm concerned. First time trying. No allergies known.

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Reversal, implant or more product may be an option

Depending on which filler you used, i prefer Restylane versus Radiesse because it doesn't have a reverse option.  You can use a product called Hylauronidaise because it can break down the hyaluronic acid and return them back to normal shortly.  Other option is to add a little filler to balance them out, but you would need evaluated to make sure more of your exact situation.  Make sure there is no infection, etc..  Lastly, if your sure you like this look, but without the repeated risks of how it takes, you may want to look into lip implants. 

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Lip filler

The lips are very sensitive areas as you know. It can take up to 2 weeks for all the swelling to go down to see the final result of the injections.  Be patient, try to sleep with your head slightly elevated, and you can apply cool compresses to your lips to help with the swelling.

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