Concerned that this is either recessing gumline or gingivitis at some stage? (photo)

I am not sure if this type of gum recession is worrysome, or could potentially be normal, anatomically speaking for myself. Just curious at DMD/DDS thoughts. Thanks!

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Gum Recession or Gingivitis

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Yes, you are showing signs of gum recession and gum inflammation. I would recommend a consult with a periodontist (gum specialist) to evaluate the gum condition. You will most probably need some periodontal procedures like gum grafting to fix the defect. 

Gum Recession

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It looks like it may be a combination of both. I see exposure of the root as well as deep redness that is indicative of an inflammatory process. Please see a periodontist as soon as possible for an evaluation. The way I would treat this is to control the infection and reconstruct using Alloderm and a vestibular extension and lateral bridge flap. 

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