Is the clitoris treated as well in ThermiVa?

Does the actual clitoris itself get treated with the heat wand? If so it that painful? Is the pubic hair commonly removed prior to the treatments? I noticed in all photos that was the case. I actually prefer to keep a small amount (not on the vaginal lips tho) as that is the norm for me...or am I one of the few who actually even do that?

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Treat the clitoris?

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Great questions!

Yes, the clitoris is treated as part of the overall treatment. I examine and evaluate each patient to determine their needs and goals. So we may focus additional time and attention to specific areas during treatment based on the patients needs. No patient receives the exact same ThermiVa treatment at our practice. Treatment is individualised. For skin comfort, we always recommend shaving at least 24 hours prior or waxing at least 5 days prior to treatment. Only the areas to be treated need be shaved or waxed as the wand must make good contact with the skin for best results.

ThermiVa and the Clitoris

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ThermiVa energy is gently applied to the entire vaginal area, inside and out. The clitoris is not 'specifically' targeted but is included in the area of treatment. The sensation for most is warm and pleasing. If hair is in the way,  the wand can't make the best contact with the skin - which is necessary for the device to do what it does!

Kevin Light, DO
Plano General Surgeon

ThermiVa is used to heat the tissues surrounding the clitoris

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ThermiVa is used to heat the tissues surrounding the clitoris but not the clitoris itself.  During the procedure this is not or should not be painful.  Hair should be trimmed/shaved flush with the skin  in the lower pubic area and on the labia if present to allow for proper heat transfer if this area is to be treated.   

Dean L. Johnston, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

The clitoris is a priority for most women having ThermiVa

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Hello and thank you for asking a very important question about ThermiVa treatments.  To answer best, Yes, the clitoris and the surrounding area is treated with ThermiVa.  Treatment is comfortable and temperature controlled, and by treating the clitoris, ThermiVa can greatly improve sensation.  Patients may or may not have hair present during treatment, and we may recommend that you shave near the labia before treatment so as to have best contact with the wand.  There is no need to remove all pubic hair.

I’m excited for you to move forward with ThermiVa and wish you the best!

Jenn Harrington, MD

ThermiVa and the Clitoris, Hair Removal

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Thank you for asking this important question.  During ThermiVa treatments, the area directly around the clitoris is treated, but not the clitoris directly.  The hair is removed in the treatment area to help with even heat transfer during the procedure.  A small amount of residual hair will not affect the treatment. Hair can be regrown between treatments, but should be mostly removed for each treatment. 

ThermiVa treats...

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 ThermiVa treats all areas of the vagina including the clitoris, with therapeutic set temperatures to increase vaginal tightness. Many report improved sexual drive and experience after having the treatment.

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 127 reviews


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The procedure includes treatment of the clitoral area.  A warm sensation is experienced by most patients, though it is rarely painful.  There is no downtime from this treatment and many report improved sexual experience as a result.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 36 reviews

Thermiva does treat clitoral area

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ThermiVa is the first thermal-controlled, non-invasive procedure capable of tightening both the inner vaginal canal and the outer labia majora and minora, which includes the clitoral area. Thermiva is a pain free procedure that requires no down time whatsoever.  We do recommend shaving before the procedure so we can get maximum contact with the tissue.

ThermiVa Questions

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During ThermiVa treatments, the inner and outer portions of the vagina are treated, including the clitoris. It is recommended to remove hair in the treated areas 1-2 days before the ThermiVa treatment.

Thermi Va questions

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During the ThermiVa procedure, both the inner vaginal canal and the outer labia and clitoral areas may be treated.  Treating the external structures (labia and clitoral area) will result in tissue contraction and help sensitize the clitoral area, possibly resulting in a better sexual experience.  Treatment results are best if the areas being treated are shaven.  Treating the internal vaginal canal will result in some tightening of the canal, improved stress incontinence, improved lubrication, and possibly a better sexual experience as the G-Spot is treated, further sensitizing it.

H. Christopher Coley, MD
Greensboro General Surgeon

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